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Dear Visitor,

I’m writing to you to inform you of changes within the International Bodyguard Association. Some years ago the IBA headquarters established a dedicated women’s bureau. Obviously women bodyguards undertake the same training as their male counterparts. However, there are various protocols, issues which specific to female practitioners ranging from training to work practice.

The Women’s bureau was first established in 1997 under Ilona Torn (from Estonia). Ilona was the first women to qualify within the IBA as an instructor and worked as a bodyguard in the Baltic Republics in the very dangerous period immediately post independence. Ilona has also qualified as a lawyer and assists Colonel Konoshonoks with Baltic Bodyguard each year. Ilona was succeeded as Director of the bureau by Dalal A who worked briefly for Saladin in London.

I was appointed as Director of the Women’s Bureau at our (The IBA) 50th Anniversary at Dublin Castle in December 2007. We have now established our new exclusive web page, bgwoman.org which we undertake to update on a regular basis.

If you are interested in participation in our unique courses or being registered with the I.B.A Women’s Bureau please email me your details such as address, email address, telephone numbers, etc. as soon as possible so our records can be updated.

Best Regards

Lisa Baldwin

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